Thursday, July 12, 2007

Patience Grasshopper!

Patience has not always been a virtue for me especially when it comes to creating a business. As many of you who read know, I'm trying to start my own little stationary company called People St. Clair. Well things are moving along just not as fast as I would like. As I battle my impatience I think about my niece who when told to be patient took the words out of my mouth... "I don't know how to wait"…In the middle of this waiting game and business building I've learned a few lessons…

1.Sometimes when we think we know everything we need to know new things appear to show us how much we still don't know.

2.Sometimes you have to design, re-design and re-design again before the concept finally clicks.

3.More money is needed to do this that I initially estimated (INVESTORS ARE WELCOMED!)

4. Plan for all possible crisis now that way when they come they are not catastrophic.

5.Take a break when your creativity has left the building.

6.Don't rush yourself-this is not a race-when it's time it will be right.

Since I'm still in the initial phases of creating this business, I forget that nothing was ever created in a day so why should I expect my business to do something even Rome couldn't do? For all of you who feel like my niece and me... have patience Grasshopper

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