Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Paper Loveliness

I'm continuously amazed at the things made with paper that take such artistic or stylish forms. Here are some great paper things I love.

I saw this at I heart luxe and it's a paper vase. Yes, a paper vase. If you want to spruce up the vase you can write a lovely quote or place pictures or stickers on these cool and truly hip paper vase.

This cool paper design is a greeting card by gagatree that will keep anyone who receives it mesmorized by its design and yes you will have plenty of friends ask how it was created.

These two projects I saw on how about orange's blog and have put them on my craft to do list. Yes, both look complicated, complex and down right scary but be not afraid....

The spiky star is a definite conversation starter, share it's paper and have people envy your design skills and craftiness.

Here are the instructions to make the spiky star. These would be perfect for a party or general house decoration.

The lacy snowflake steps up the snowflake designs I use to make in 3rd grade. How About Orange has a great template and instructions to help you create these cool paper creations.

Add a few of these projects to your favorite things list of craft to do list.


Blue Orchid Designs said...

Love the gagatree greeting card - so different!

Miss Beaux said...

That is gorgeous! Great find.

GagatreeRep said...

Hi there,

Gagatree will be launching another new 3D Card - RoboCard Mail.

Check out the video: